New phone sketch

Got a new phone, it’s got a much bigger screen, so I drew a robot on it!

Paris Digital Summit


Last month I had the pleasure to travel to Paris to do a talk on behalf of ILM london, and the work we did for Rogue One , a Starwars story!

It was a lot of fun and pretty hectic, I spent most of the morning chatting with students who were keen to get started in the VFX industry, and it was great to chat with the next generation of artist, one of whom will probably be my boss one day!!!…

whilst there I did a few interviews too, which was a new experience for me and also fun…

Here’s an Interview I had with a really nice fella named Gorkab…

After all the Interviews and chatting was done, I did my Talk, some of the break downs I used are in this video below:

The Jedha (desert occupied city) stuff was the work we did in london…


Here is my latest procreate painting, on my iPad

imageclick on it to see bigly

And here is the time lapse vid:


Seems only fitting that I do a bit of fan art, for the galaxy far far away.

And here’s the time lapse video of the painting being done, as usual, it’s finger painted on the iPad, using the procreate app…

AT3 (Adventure Team Three)

Here my latest iPad/procreate painting:

Here’s a link to the video of it being painted:


<p><a href=”″>Adventure team three</a> from <a href=”″>john seru</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>



Rogue One, Trailer 2

Looking amazing! It feels great to be a part of this!:

Oh, and here is the reel that was put out on starters celebration day on the rogue one panel:

cool eh!

New Job!!! New Film!!!

I Got a Brand new Job after 8 and a bit years at d-neg, I loved my time there and will always be grateful for all the things I learned and the help I got, But I thought it was about time I tried something new, and a opportunity like this doesn’t come along very often…

Starwars came out the year I was born, but it came to TV in 1982, when I was 5. I don’t remember the first time I watched it, all I remember is that I’ve always watched it. Whenever it was raining out, or i needed some backing sound to lego-building, model-making or drawing I’d stick on the vhs, it’s the reason I’m almost 40 and I still draw robots and spaceships… there’s something in there that was formative and permanent, it’s the reason I do the job I do… and now I’m now part of it, as I’ve started a new job at ILM, Which to a nerd like me is basically getting chosen to play for your favourite football club!

this is my current project!

this straight after Startrek is pretty much a jackpot for me!