A good friend of Mine I went to NFTS with, Kate walshe from Millennium FX, asked Me to help them create a Huge Robot for a new kids show, I took some ace designs they had a pro concept artist do for them, and then I built them in digital 3d. When the 3d digital models were complete, they were sent to a place that does computer controled machining (a big 3d printer). Then the Highley skilled crew at Millennium FX took these pieces, and used them to construct the bases of molds to manufacture thier big robots, after the animitronics, paint work and loads of other final touches, the 8 foot “roboidz” were ready!

heres the blurb I’ve heard so far (from www.sfx.co.uk):

“It’s a cross between The Crystal Maze and The Adventure GameThere’s no question about it: Knightmare was one of the greatest game shows ever to grace the small screen. Now it’s time to get jealous of the current generation of sprogs, as it looks like they’re about to get an iconic adventure of their own in the shape of Mission: 2110, an SF game series from the brains behind Raven.

“I like to think of it as a cross between The Crystal Maze and The Adventure Game, with a hint of Doctor Who,” says producer Nick Hopkin. “These days the thinking behind children’s programme making means that we do think big with ambitious, creative ideas.”

It’s so big, in fact, that the producers drafted in Doctor Who and Sarah Jane Adventures writer Phil Ford to fill in the backstory of how the Earth to be left as a human-less wasteland by robot aggressors called the Roboidz (which are being created by Millenniun FX, the guys who provide the prosthetic monsters for Doctor Who)  and how human “recruits” (ie contestants) come to participate in the “missions” (ie, games) that form the basis of the show.

“The background that I developed goes right back to the beginnings of the story when a woman called Laura Gant creates this cybernetic technology,” reveals Ford. “My main purpose was to develop the story that the producers had, and to come up with a reason for how the robots go renegade. There are lots of stories in it as well, from Laura herself, to her son who also has a role in it. The idea draws on a lot of sci-fi archetypes – there are elements of Terminator in there and equally I, Robot.” Makes you wish you were 12 again…


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