Green Zone article

Heres a cool article with 3 of my bosses on the Green zone. Its goes in some detail about the work Dneg did on the film….

heres a pic of the palace pool, one of the sequences I worked on…


4 thoughts on “Green Zone article

  1. I saw this in Canada last week. Amazing film and brilliant FX.

    I knew that there was CG in there but I reckon I must have missed loads of it. Similar to the Bourne movies, I didn’t spot half the stuff that was put in.

    For me, the only thing that gave away some of the shots (like the two sabres shot) was the lens flare, but I’m picking holes.

    So are you gonna blog about what you personally did?

  2. glad you liked it!, I probably will do breakdowns of the stuff i did, when i get the dvd, I keep on meaning to do breakdowns of my stuff, but havent found the time yet, I got a little back-up of films to breakdown at the moment, but will hopefully start soon…

    what did you think of the blackhawks, i think there pretty flawless

  3. Just finished reading the FXGuide article. One of the best I’ve read for a long time. Particularly interested in the camera gadgets you guys used. Sounds useful!

  4. Yeah, had no idea the majority of shots were CG, apart from the background ones. But I didn’t spot those because of the CG, it was more a case of “I bet they didn’t have the budget for all those aircraft”!

    There were a couple of shots where it was more obvious that they were CG, but it was usually more down to the staging/direction of the individual shots that gave them away, rather than the quality of the CG.

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