New Job!!! New Film!!!

I Got a Brand new Job after 8 and a bit years at d-neg, I loved my time there and will always be grateful for all the things I learned and the help I got, But I thought it was about time I tried something new, and a opportunity like this doesn’t come along very often…

Starwars came out the year I was born, but it came to TV in 1982, when I was 5. I don’t remember the first time I watched it, all I remember is that I’ve always watched it. Whenever it was raining out, or i needed some backing sound to lego-building, model-making or drawing I’d stick on the vhs, it’s the reason I’m almost 40 and I still draw robots and spaceships… there’s something in there that was formative and permanent, it’s the reason I do the job I do… and now I’m now part of it, as I’ve started a new job at ILM, Which to a nerd like me is basically getting chosen to play for your favourite football club!

this is my current project!

this straight after Startrek is pretty much a jackpot for me!


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